The place
where Beer reigns!
The place where Beer reigns!
Beer, it’s the best damn drink in the world.
Jack Nicholson
The ingredients of success
Hi, All.
I’m Evgenii Reimer, a restaurateur, as well as a big beer believer. My craving for beer sprang up a bit earlier than my restaurant business. In nearly 15 years as a co-founder and CEO of the Milimon Family Association, a Russia-based restaurant group, I hold true to the beer traditions of my home city Samara.
Milimon operates a diverse portfolio of popular brands, each with its own unique and differentiated offering, but all with great hospitality at their core. We are leaders in vibe dining, and everyone can opt for the concept from our portfolio that best resonates with them.
Did I get you interested?
Join us and share the success and pleasure of being the owner of the top-of-the-line beer restaurant.
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The name “Beeraucracy” is a mix of two words: the first, you are right, is “beer”, and the second is a slightly modified Greek word “Kratos” — an ancient god who was the divine personification of strength. Thus, Beeraucracy means the Power of Beer.
The concept of this brand new Milimon restaurant is an alluring mix of two all-the-rage fads — “beer pairing” and “farm-to-fork”. We scrupulously chose our 12 beers on tap and 100 beers by the bottle to complement our toothsome dishes. And since developing local menu items in upscale casual restaurants entails detailed analysis of local tastes, we did our best to bring to the kitchen as many locally grown vegetables and root crops as we could, as well as regional fish, game, and poultry.
We are particularly proud of our origins as a company based in the Russian beer capital, Samara.
Brand chef de cuisine
Mark is a brand chef de cuisine of the most in-demand Milimon restaurants: meat restaurant Straight Fire, Robbi cafe Italiano, Asian bistro Charisma.
The investigations and the search for indigenous ingredients led Mark to delve deeper into the geography of his country, pushing products that come from different regions, from Murmansk in the Russian High North to Vladivostok in the Russian Far East, encompassing all of this vast nation’s richness.
A distinguished figure in the culinary world and a farm-to-fork innovator, Mark strives to change the way diners think about the food in beer restaurants around the world.
Awards and accolades
Winner of the Gastronomic compétition “Chaine Des Rotisseurs”, 2006
Winner of the “Olive Branch”, 2012, 2016 “Best concept of the year”
Bronze medal at the competition for young chefs “Silver Triangle”
Silver medal at “San Pellegrino Young Chef”, 2016
Member Chef of “Chaine des Rotisseurs”, 2017
Member Chef of “Slow food federation Snail”, 2016
Miele brand Ambassador in Russia
Anchorman and owner of the culinary TV shows “A’La Carte” and “Lavka Vkusa”
Staff uniforms
The staff uniforms are designed and sewn by the prominent Samara theater costumier Maria Kazak.
The concepts were elicited from the traditional attire of Russian men and women and then precisely adjusted to meet working conditions in a restaurant.
Rock and beer were born for each other! Every Friday and Saturday rock bands spice up the atmosphere of the beer parlour, whilst Thursday evenings are for jazz-lovers. If this isn’t a beer adepts paradise, we don’t know what is!
Beer and food pairing
BEER kingdom
Design between tradition and modernity
The bar is the center of attention
Customers’ reviews
The selection was beyond any beer connoisseur's dream! We were offered samples in order to try as many as we could. Always the same consistent service. Always a great experience! Highly recommend!
Guest, Company’s corporate site
Awesome selection and incredibly fair pricing. Kriekenbier and Benediktiner are amazing. Love their in-house beer.
Restaurant customer feedback book
Really fun concept and an all-around great place. We had a couple of beers here and the selection was fantastic.
Oleg, Tripadvisor
Mussels in Dorblu sauce
Blanche de Namur
Ultra-high-quality white wheat beer. It’s light and clear when served at the table and milky-misty while in a cooler.
Cherry ribs
Bitburger Premium Pils
The most sought-after draft beer in Germany. Crafted two centuries ago, it's still brewed in line with a rigid 500-year-old German beer purity law: Das Reinheitsgebot.
Pork ribs stewed in cherry beer, garnished with onion salad and pickled cherry.
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Key financial indicators
(company's forecast.)
Ready? Join us!
Get started on your Beeraucracy journey by contacting us today. Want to learn more?
Why Beeraucracy?
We’ve created an outstanding food menu: each dish is carefully paired with the perfect beer style to give our customers the full craft experience.
We’ve leveraged our expertise to create a model where people love to meet and can’t wait to come back again and again.
As a Beeraucracy franchisee or partner, you will also be able to offer your habitués a loyalty program and our proprietary loyalty app.
At Beeraucracy we’ve worked tirelessly with local, national and international brands to provide guests with a stellar selection of beers, to satisfy every palate.
Your location is sure to appeal to a broad base of guests — from beer newbies to true beer connoisseurs. Singles, dates, friends, colleagues, families, even special group events — you will attract people of all ages.
Our target partner
Clear identification with our Beeraucracy brand and your role as a brand ambassador
Enjoy being the host for your guests
Natural entrepreneurial and leadership skills
People person
Decision-making personality
Highly stress-resistant
Interest in a long-term business partnership
Willingness and ability to join an international company
Preferably previous experience in franchised or partner business environments
Substantial experience in complex restaurant operations
Demonstrated local market knowledge and network
Relevant network and experience with real estate industry and development
Experience in managing P&L and KPIs
Further requirements
Proven ability to finance complete project investment
Interest in potentially developing further units
Support, Training and Quality Assurance
Ultimately only two things are important: your guests’ satisfaction and your success. Everything we do is oriented towards these objects.
Support and Training systems include:
full start-up assistance;
confidential operations manual;
personnel training in a flagship concept restaurant;
on-site personnel training;
product supply assistance;
ongoing support.
Our service in this area is to provide support in the planning, organization and in particular, the training of your personnel. Whatever your question is we will support you. Our main goal is to ensure your long-term success. This is why we are constantly working on developing and optimizing our concept – based not only on our own experience but also, even more important, on that of our guests.
Real-estate requirements
We will accompany you from A to Z, throughout every project phase, and will be at your side with all the help you need. From the initial property and location assessment all the way to opening and subsequent quality monitoring. The first step is to conduct a detailed analysis of the location. During this decisive phase, we work together with you to assess the suitability of your property.
Site specifications
Floor plan
Cold beer is a hot opportunity. What’s more, your Beeraucracy restaurant, while timeless in it’s appeal, is also on-trend and taps into multiple, growing markets.
Brief summary
Multiple sorts of beer and gastronomic dishes are the core of the concept
Total investment at a store level (no land, no initial fee): 1,620,000 EUR * (premises size dependable)
Investment per sq.meter: 2,700 EUR *
Guest area, sq.meters: >500 + 100 sq.meters patio
EBITDAR, %: 25.3 *
Net profit ratio, %: 18.8 *
Payback period: 2.9 *
Your window of opportunitiy is still open!
* Some Beeraucracy restaurants have achieved these sales, profits or earnings. Your individual results may differ. There is no assurance that you will sell or earn as much.
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